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Thread: Where to start?

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    Default Where to start?

    So I'm off of school for the summer and my boss won't give me more hours... Need something to fill my time. Thought I'd try learning to develop addons. I am fairly comfortable with html, somewhat familiar with css, know a little java, but that's about it. I started looking around for places to start, but stuff at lua.org seems to start out a little ahead of where I am and a lot of the Rift related forums, sites, etc are fairly out-dated. Where should I start? I'm the type of person who loves jumping right into things, but it's become apparent rather quickly that I might have to start out small to begin with. Any tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Have you ever looked at one of the addon's code and tried to make sense of it?

    I could never write an addon, never. But from looking at addons over the past 10 years I might be able to manipulate them. I don't know lua, but I can identify certain structures if I stare hard enough at it.

    I do know little bits of C/C++ however which kinda invalidates everything above, lol. Nevermind.

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    I've recently started with lua.

    https://www.seebs.net/rift/live/ was there a great help to me (Full API Doc)

    My first steps were ingame Macros to understand what each of the commands do and how the tables look.

    Try this ingame Macro:

    script test = Inspect.Unit.Detail("player.target")
    script dump (test)

    It shows your a table with all unit informations from your target.

    The next step was to understand how to work with Events.
    You can use Event to access certain functions if something changes in the Game.

    Pick simple addons out and try to understand how they work. Maybe my first Addon (work in progress) helps you to understand the basics. Looking in the RiftRaidAlert.lua for a simple script.
    It prints the debuffs on players and NPC's Buffs on the chat window.

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    Learning Lua is of course the first step.
    The good news: Lua is very minimalistic, so you don't need to learn a ton of things to code something.
    The bad news: Lua is very minimalistic, so you'll have to implement just about everything yourself, while many other languages (like Python or Java) have tons of functionality in their massive framework. So you'll probably have to learn something about algorithms for common problems rather soon, which is neither Lua nor Rift specific, so it's hard to give you much advice in advance, totally depends on what you want to do.

    Unfortunately there isn't really much up to date documentation when it comes to Rift, you'll often have to dig through the forum, or just look at other addons. In fact, Trion themselves basically dumped a bunch of example addons at the community to get people started.

    Though one thing I want to point out: There is only one global namespace for the whole addon system, so be careful with global variables. Something like the /script marco posted by Bamul above can easily mess up other addons if they happen to use the same global variables.
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