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Thread: Getting real character level

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    Default Getting real character level


    I've been messing with the API and I needed to know what REAL(not mentored) level the character is.

    This was my first attempt:
    But that only gives the current mentored level.
    My second attempt was something like:
    Of course, that only works is if the player is in a guild.

    I then thought about using achievements, and managed this:

    var realLevel = Inspect.Achievement.Detail("c44416817B1209D4A").requirement[1].countDone
    This retrieves how many character levels done of the achievement "Reach Level 65" which is the real actual level irregardless of the mentored level.

    Am I missing something obvious, or is this the only way?
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    Bear in mind, I know absolutely nothing about lua. I do know that when you inspect someone, it displays their actual level regardless of whether they're mentored or not. So maybe that's pulling the information from somewhere else.

    Feel free to ignore me if that was a stupid comment and doesn't help
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