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Thread: Questions on API

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    Default Questions on API

    Hi guys.

    I'm new in Rift addon development. And i'm learning LUA syntax. I'd like to try new addon creation. But i'm wondering if some functionalities are available :

    - Is it possible to access loot and harvesting informations when player is collecting loots, artefact, resources and so on ?
    - Is it possible to access crafting skills informations ?.
    - Is it possible to add new informations on the minimap ?
    - What are the advantages and drawbacks of using the server-side storage system ?

    If these functionalities are missing, can we expect new API evolutions in the future ? Is this API always supported ?

    Thanks for your help. And sorry for my english. It's pretty bad...

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    check this link if you haven't yet. Helped me a ton when I was making my addon


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