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Thread: Dimension item list

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    Default Dimension item list

    Is there a way to retrieve the list of dim items without entering the dimension?
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    No it is not possible.

    From what I remember, some dev explained that dimensions are only loaded on-demand by the server, so when nobody is in them they are not available at all, and things like manugo terminals reset their count.
    So it's unlikely that this will ever be possible, because it would either signifficantly increase memory usage on Trion's side, and we know they are trying hard to decrease it, like with the on-demand guild loading (that apparently brought us the nasty dimension loading bugs btw.), or it would increase load on the database even more, again already a huge bottle neck on the auction house.

    Only thing you can do is save the inventory of your last visit, like e.g. Imhothar's Bags saves the inventory of your alts. Of course that won't work very well if you're not the only one with editing rights.

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