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Thread: How do I start addon development?

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    Default How do I start addon development?

    I'm interested in getting into RIFT addon development but don't know where to start.

    When looking at the addon files I can understand most of what's going on, but I can't successfully make any changes to addons, let alone design one from scratch.

    I have successfully modified and fixed outdated WoW addons, but haven't had much luck with any of the RIFT addons I have messed with.

    Lately I've been frustrated with the limitations of the default interface, and even more frustrated with the available addons. I would like to be able to design my own addons, or at least make updates and improvements to existing/abandoned RIFT addon projects.

    What are some good resources for beginners to learn the ropes?

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    This thread:

    And this website:

    I also used Google a lot for general Lua stuff and reading the codes of other addons.
    Trion Development Tools (from the ftp) is good to get the api documentation
    Imhothar's Texture Viewer is godsent if you want any textures from the game itself.

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