(The API is decently large; I may have missed something. I hope I have.)

I'm trying to save information about my characters' dimensions. The API gives me good info about the items in a dimension when I'm in it, but character-level information about Dimensions seems to be missing.

My (thwarted) goal was to maintain a list of what items are stored in my alts' dimensions, but not knowing when I'm in a dimension to record leads to invasive UI that would be so prone to user errors that it would end up worse than no list at all.

I'd like something like

Lists the character's active dimensions --> Index: {Name, Location, Level, PlusOnes}

Would be nice to add {ItemCount, ItemMaxCount} to the return

Returns information about the current Dimension -> {OwnerDisplay, Name, Location, Level, PlusOnes}

Would be nice to know if it's a guild Dimension or a personal Dimension
Would be nice to know if it's *my* Dimension
Would be nice to know if it's my alts' Dimension
Would be nice to know if it's *my* guild's Dimension
Would be very nice to get some sort of unique, opaque ID for the Dimension so I can tell if I go back to it (although that is hard to define in some cases, such as when a character packs up a Dimension to activate another and then returns the packed up one to active). The main goal here is to identify when I'm on my alts' Dimension

Add "dimension" and "guilddimension" to Inspect.Zone.Detail's type return

Given my druthers, I'd want a richer API that includes the alts', friends', guild, and guildmates' Dimension shown in the Dimension frame as well as a way to search for Dimension and get a result list. Then I'd want a way to travel to a Dimension from those results, enabling, for example, a "Favorites" list.

Just noodling on something I was excited to do but had to abandon.