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Thread: Autoplaying custom music based on location

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    Default Autoplaying custom music based on location

    From what I understand, we don't have any access to select what music is played in-game. This is very unfortunate considering it's a PC game, but whatever. There has to be a way, though, to read what location you are currently in. Using this information, is there a coding method to be able to play custom music with an outside player?

    For example, I want the epic Stormwind music to play whenever I enter the Sanctum zone. How can I automate this using a playlist that I've already set up in, for example, Windows Media Player? As in, when the addon reads that I just entered Sanctum, play track nine in this playlist.

    Is this possible?

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    I think the first problem you'd have to overcome would be getting that data out of Rift. AFAIK, the only way to push data out is via the Saved Variables. And those are only flushed to disk on logout.

    Assuming that you could flush saved variables to disk on demand, you would probably end up having to write a stand-alone app that watched the file and then interacted with your music player of choice.

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