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Thread: [Question] Buff description

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    Default [Question] Buff description

    Is the buff description the same on all client locale's? I've been asked in the past for RU support.

    I am aiming to use 'string.match' on the buff description to match a word, but the word in code will be written in English, And I don't want to restrict the addon client.

    Alternatively I can add the word(s) used to the filter list and have the client translate them.

    Thank you.
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    Always maintain your client patched in all the languages, so you can check these things quickly yourself! =)

    /print Inspect.Buff.Detail("player", Inspect.Buff.List("player"))

    18:14:04: b80000005C833FCA2 = table: 0x8411bbf8 {
    18:14:04: caster = "u05508000032BC061",
    18:14:04: icon = "Data/\UI\item_icons\pick4.dds",
    18:14:04: id = "b80000005C833FCA2",
    18:14:04: type = "B595DA7DBAFC25D52",
    18:14:04: name = "Erz aufspüren",
    18:14:04: abilityNew = "A4211DDD7A2E97B42",
    18:14:04: description = "Zeigt die Orte aller Erzquellen auf der Minikarte an.",
    18:14:04: },

    18:15:51: b8000000590C24D45 = table: 0x364e7790 {
    18:15:51: caster = "u05508000032BC061",
    18:15:51: icon = "Data/\UI\item_icons\pick4.dds",
    18:15:51: id = "b8000000590C24D45",
    18:15:51: type = "B595DA7DBAFC25D52",
    18:15:51: name = "Track Ore",
    18:15:51: abilityNew = "A4211DDD7A2E97B42",
    18:15:51: description = "Shows the location of all Ore on the minimap.",
    18:15:51: },

    So, the description appears to be in local langauge. The type and abilityNew fields are consistent, depending on just what it is you want to match these could be used.
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    Im trying to move away from ability names/id's as they have to be maintained, either by me or the user.

    Im looking for "absorb" or "Absorb" from the description plus a bit more detail from the buff, for my absorb to heal converter.

    Currently works, so all I or the user needs to do is translate these two words.
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