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Thread: Kalert transfer to another shard...

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    Default Kalert transfer to another shard...

    Hi guys.
    So i moved to another shard, and I copied the LUA file from zaviel's folder to typhiria and yet the kalert list is empty.

    When i enter the kalert LUA file i can find all the skill names etc in the scripts, but how do i turn it on to be in my kalert ingame?

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    Are you sure you copied
    from: Documents\RIFT\Interface\Saved\email@domain\OldSha rd\OldToonName\SavedVariables\kAlert.lua
    to: Documents\RIFT\Interface\Saved\email@domain\NewSha rd\NewToonName\SavedVariables\kAlert.lua

    Remember to copy to new char name if you had to rename your char.

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