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Thread: Question: Ability IDs?

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    Default Question: Ability IDs?

    I'm currently looking to port an addon I wrote for World of Warcraft that tracks my cooldowns/auras and need a way to query abilities by ID if possible, unless the names aren't localized, but I am assuming the ability IDs are universal, correct? How do I find the actual ability IDs though?

    I've been watching a few events and printing their details to my chat log and I see for example, the newID for Glacial Insignia is "A083D4DE3CDD8239D", and if I go to say, Megelo, I can find the rank 1 (ranks are also gone now, right? Just the base rank 1 spell?) in it's database with the decimal ID of "138235363", which if converted to hex is in that ability ID I got from the Rift API event, but... how do they relate? What are all those extra characters for in "A083D4DE3CDD8239D"?

    What I want to do is have a Lua table with the specific abilities and (de)buffs I want to watch for, and when my addon loads it'll use Inspect.Ability.New.Detail to get the rest of the info, like the ability icon and if it is available to the player for use, but I have no idea how to obtain the actual ability IDs without going through each soul and casting some spells to find them.

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    You want to download the souls file from trions FTP server:


    That is an xml file with all the abilities, for example glacial insignia:

          <Name>Glacial Insignia</Name>
              <Description>Deals 1602 to 1770 Water damage.</Description>
          <Ranks count="1">
    Note the AddonId value
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    Thank you! That is exactly what I'm looking for!

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