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Thread: Event.Guild.Bank.Change

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    Default Event.Guild.Bank.Change

    Can someone show me how to use this to get the name of the guildie who moved an item in the guild bank?

    When this fires it returns a list of all my guild bank tabs. What am I doing wrong? I need to know information on the specific tab that was modified and by who.

    Thanks! <3

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    From what I can see, it only tells you which ones were changed. Without having a dig into it, I'm going to assume that you can't actually tell who put an item there, especially in the case of splitting stacks as no deposit / withdrawal has been made at all

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    If your looking for a way to see who is moving stuff from one tab to another you can use:


    Only works for: bankItemDeposit, bankItemWithdraw

    So moving things in the same tab wont trigger the event.

    Thanks to Seebs: http://www.seebs.net/rift/live/Guild...vent.Guild.Log

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