Not sure if the XML files for the souls are half-done or not being updated, or something else is wrong... but when trying to match up abilities from the combat log, based on IDs from the files that Trion make available on the ftp server, some are there, and others just don't exist.

Has anyone else had trouble with anything like this?

( 3 , T=P#R=R#hugeId , T=N#R=O#anotherhugeId , T=X#R=X#0 , T=X#R=X#0 , Player, Irauga , 2094 , -37713530 , Virulent Poison , 0 )

Virulent Poison with the ID -37713530 just doesn't exist in the most recent copy of the Assassin.xml, and I can confirm that another rogue with rank 14 Virulent Poison also gets the same ID when attacking anything. According to the XML, R14 Virulent Poison should have the ID -59326201

One thought... I've noticed that auto attacks change ID in the logs depending on what weapon I'm holding, and thought that maybe the IDs of these abilities (that shouldn't change if they have been defined in a file made available) are changing when other buffs are active, or due to something else..