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Thread: Imothar's bagbug

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    Default Imothar's bagbug

    Before I start believing I'm crazy tell me I'm not the only one who use imothar's bag addon and for some reason I have a tab called "empty" that show XX items and portraits of items that i've sold? I deleted the addon and then reinstalled it but it was still there, but only for my mage.
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    That is very odd. I've never experienced that.

    I tell you what, try this:

    1) Go to your addons folder, where the addons are installed and find Imhothar's Bags.

    2) Go into the saved variables folder of your character, and delete the files assocated with Imhothar's Bags, and do that for the Saved Variables folder that's not under a character name, as well.

    3) Restart the game and take a look at it again, see if that fixes it.

    If it does, then it's the typical corruption thing that RIFT does to Imhothar's Bags all the time. Why I don't know, but I'm positive it's not related to the addon itself, if doing that fixes it. As I've had issues before that were fixed by doing those steps, which were originally suggested on the mods comments on Curse.com.

    If those steps don't fix it for you, then it could be a totally new thing, and you would probably be better off reporting it to the author on Curse.com (which usually gets updates before riftui.com does).

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    Yeah, I've never had anything like that happen with the addon.... very strange.
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