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Thread: Getting Shard ID

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    Default Getting Shard ID

    Hi I am working on a little program for which I need the shard ID of every shard on Rift.

    Using this http://chat-eu.riftgame.com:8080/chatservice/shard/list works but I noticed it reads the same Shard multiple times which I don't know why to be honest. Is there any other place to obtain shard id's that does not use that or what should I do? I did try to Google it with no luck and also it needs to be an independent program so using the Rift client to get this is out of the question.

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    The mobile API endpoints are kinda borked right now. If you look at the NA version, it does the same thing. http://chat-us.riftgame.com:8080/chatservice/shard/list

    The extra fields (running, ready, locked) used to be populated correctly, and you would be able to determine which shards are actually publicly available. But that was broken a few months ago.

    The only advice I could give you is this: Hit this endpoint with each of the shard Ids
    http://chat-eu.riftgame.com:8080/chatservice/zoneevent/list?shardId=(some Shard Id)
    Take a look at the results. There is almost always an event on each active shard (SL zones and old world zones). From there, you determine which shards are the real ones, and which are used for instances.

    For US, any shard Id above 1700 is a public shard. Anything below that is one of the instance servers (I'm guessing).

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