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Thread: Looking for an item track + display totals addon

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    Default Looking for an item track + display totals addon

    First, sorry if theres already a thread for this - ic an't figure out what it would even be called. What im looking for is something that simply puts item totals up on the screen somewhere permanently - imho bags keeps track of how many of an item you have, but only when you view that items tooltip. What i'd prefer is something that has the totals always viewable. (Like the quest tracker is for example.)
    Currently, I use 1-2 action bars to track w/e i'm farming at the time, but obviously that gets kind of cluttered & takes up valuable space.
    Has anyone came across something like this? I'm by no means a programmer, so doing it myself is kind of out.
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    I wrote this quickly this morning:


    When it first runs, it will create a gray icon, with a tractor.

    Relocate to your desired position by dragging it around (left button hold + move)

    Right click it when in the right position, and the button will go red or green.

    Drag the items you want to watch from your bags over on top of the icon and release the button.

    It will then display the icon of the item you dragged, along with a count of how many you have in your bags.

    Left clicking the icon when it is red or green, will change its color red/green, green/red - when its red the items and their counts are hidden, when green they are shown.

    Right clicking on the item icon will remove it from the list.

    Use the mousewheel over the tractor icon to change the size of the images.
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