So after a long hiatus, I have come back to rift and I am trying to set up all my old addons. I had used Karuulalert before and love how it works. Unfortunately, I switched to mac and for some reason I cannot get it to paste the loadouts I had before into the game.

At first I thought it was it being the issue of the mac using the command key to paste, but I added in the function to use control to paste. It works in game, meaning I can type something in the chat, ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+p will paste it in the chat box. However, I cannot paste what I have copied from forums into the karuulalert import box. I tried pasting some of the set into the actual rift chat box and then pasting that over, but that also did not work.

I can actually type into the karuulimport box and copy/paste that no problem, but anything it appears that wasn't typed into that box will not paste.

My question is what can I do so that I can import my sets? Is there a way I can go throw the folder and just add it there??

Appreciate the help!