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Thread: Addon to change keybind text?

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    Default Addon to change keybind text?

    Hi guys,

    I use a Razer Naga mouse and consequently have most of my main abilities bound to the Numpad keys. The problem I have encountered is that the key binding text takes the format NUMPAD 1 for example. Because there is limited space on each button, this results in every button showing the exact same text: NUMPA... making them indistinguishable from one another.

    What I am wondering, therefore, is if there exists the possibility that some kind soul would create an addon which simply changes the text from NUMPAD to simply N, so that the text on the keys would read N1, N2, A N2 (for ALT NUM2), C N2 (for CTRL N2) and so forth.

    It seems like such a minor thing - and it is I suppose - but it would be a massive QoL improvement and ease the pangs of my OCD every time I glance at my buttons. Is such a thing possible?

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    Not possible with addons

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