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Thread: [Addon] Crafting Material Information

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    Default [Addon] Crafting Material Information

    I found myself drowning in crafting materials, and as a new player I was pretty ignorant as to what professions they were useful for, whether or not I was done using a specific material, etc etc...

    So, I took to dust off my old programming knowledge and decided to take my first adventure into the land of addon development, and the result of this endeavor is Crafting Material Information.

    This addon will display a tooltip right next to the default tooltip telling you what professions and skill levels the item is relevant for. I find it pretty useful, and I hope the community does as well.

    Download links:
    RiftUI: http://www.riftui.com/downloads/info...formation.html
    Curse: http://www.curse.com/addons/rift/cra...al-information

    Known Issues:
    • The game has both "crafting material" and "crafting ingredient," and at this time the addon only parses through crafting materials (mainly gatherables). Things like planar dust, metal scraps, etc... have yet to be put in, but will be eventually.
    • I gathered all the crafting material and levels off of Rifthead, so if that site had incorrect information, then my addon does, too. Hopefully people are able to report to me the problems they find.

    Known list of missing items:
    • None that I know of

    Please feel free to let me know what you think. As my first addon and only 3 weeks into Rift, I'm anxious to hear feedback.
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    Nice, I like it. Able to add an option to only display the profession if I know it?

    Also I moved Elm Lumber from my bank to my bags and got this:

    Error: cmInfo/main.lua:89: attempt to concatenate field 'skillmax' (a nil value)
    In cmInfo / Tooltip Handler, event Event.Tooltip
    stack traceback:
    [C]: in function '__concat'
    cmInfo/main.lua:89: in function <cmInfo/main.lua:43>

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    Unfortunately it's not possible to check to see which professions you know. I wanted to add that, but the API doesn't allow that. Only way I could do it is to add a configuration option so you can select which professions you have, but I want to steer away from doing that. I kind of like small and simple addons that you just install and go. Once the rift API allows us to check player professions, I have a few more things to add to the addon. However if enough people ask for that kind of config option, I'll add it.

    And thanks, I will try to re-create the error and fix it asap.
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