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Thread: [Addon] Super Meter SLE

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    Default [Addon] Super Meter SLE

    === Super Meter Storm Legion Edition ===

    The Advanced In-Game Combat Parser

    ==== Features: ====

    * First ability tracking and 8 enter combat triggers.
    * Absorb to heal converter, Filters need translating.
    * Full pet tracking for group and non-group members.
    * 14 combat modes: Damage, healing, absorbs, blocks etc.
    * Highly detailed standard and advanced breakdowns by ability, Including damage type.
    * Session manager: Where you can delete, export, import or view a specific session.
    * 3 unit display styles: White text, calling coloured text or calling coloured bars.
    * Player session combat log and session death log.
    * Merge all sessions: To view all sessions as one.
    * Export stats for both allies and enemies.

    ==== Slash Commands: ====

    * /sm alpha - Changes the alpha of the main window
    * /sm converter - To disable/enable the absorb converter
    * /sm group - To disable/enable the group combat detector
    * /sm help - To open the help file
    * /sm log - To disable/enable the player session logs
    * /sm performance - To toggle performance mode
    * /sm reset - Resets Super Meter to its default settings
    * /sm self - To disable/enable self colour coded blue
    * /sm switch - To disable/enable Super Meter
    * /sm tipclick - Toggles the left click or mouse over tooltip display
    * /sm toggle - Toggles the main frame and reduces CPU usage

    ==== Add Or Remove Filters: ====

    * Open "SuperMeter-Filter.lua" with wordpad or similar.
    * Copy any line and paste it in the section you wish to edit, then rename it.
    * Backup your changes to a text file.
    * Then simply /reloadui in game.

    ==== Install Instructions ====

    * Press the escape button in game, select addons and disable Super Meter.
    * Press the open addon directory button.
    * Delete old and install new version.
    * Enable Super Meter in game.

    ==== Author: ====

    * Ferather @ Icewatch



    Super Meter CPU Widget 2.4:

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    === Super Meter SLE v 8.68 - Latest Changes ===

    * Further improvements to extend the tracking range of: abilities, players, pets and logs.
    * Additional feature shutdowns for when in PvP mode or non instance locations.
    * Extended range function is no longer usable when in PvP mode.

    === Super Meter SLE v 8.66 - Function Improvements ===

    * Forced auto combat can only be triggered by group members if the targets tier is now "raid"
    * The session merger no longer merges ability tooltip data, due to a performance issue.
    * Super Meter will now work with partial data from the API, and gap filling the rest.
    * Gap filling is achieved by using unit and ability ID's or by placing defaults.
    * This increases the tracking range of: abilities, players, pets and logs.
    * Updated Super Meters install method in the main description.
    * Please type '/sm reset' after installing.

    === Super Meter SLE v 8.64 - General Changes ===

    * Separated functions to designated lua files for better debugging and maintenance.
    * Fixed a recent change that caused the font size changer to not update the frame.
    * Fixed an alignment mismatch with the smaller font size and advanced tooltips.
    * Super Meter can now be translated to any font supporting language.
    * Font metric options can now be edited in 'SuperMeter-Region.lua'.

    === Super Meter SLE v 8.62 - General Changes ===

    * Units must now be in the same location as the player (you) to be inspected.
    * The above change only effects units being added to Super Meter, not tracking.
    * Super Meter is more open world friendly.
    * Player log frame metric tweaks.
    * Combat tweaks.

    === Super Meter SLE v 8.60 - Main Engine Changes ===

    * Reduced overall CPU consumption by up to 20% depending on settings.
    * Reduced the CPU cost and number of server requests for time keeping.
    * Reduced the CPU cost of the absorb to heal converter by up to 50%.
    * Instant unit tracking and unit table inserting when entering combat.
    * Pets now have their first ability logged when entering combat.
    * Pet's can now trigger combat as instantly as players.
    * All frame update intervals are now synced.

    === Super Meter SLE v 8.60 - UI Elements Changes ===

    * Left clicking the units frame now cycles slot sizes.
    * Middle clicking the units frame now changes the display style.
    * Right clicking the units frame now opens that units combat log.
    * Player logs now have an export feature, Simply left click any line to open the export box.
    * Player logs now auto re-size to the text on display.
    * Updated Super Meter's help file - '/sm help'.

    === Super Meter SLE v 8.48 - General Changes ===

    * Corrected several calculations with the advanced ability tooltip, data is now categorized.
    * Increased the speed and reduced the CPU cost of: Combat tracking, Unit tracking.
    * The PvP auto disable feature will no longer run when in an instance.
    * Ability tooltips are now effected by ability and item filters.
    * Sticky tooltips will no longer close the session menu.
    * Fixed a rare error with: RiftScrollbar:SetRange().

    * Due to ability data changes older version exported sessions will no longer display tooltips.
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    You forgot your link(s) to download it :P.

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    Same links posted in original first post also lead to version 8.22

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