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Thread: Main bar question

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    Default Main bar question

    Is there a way to replace the main bar with an addon, or to set it up so that special bars (the ones that replace the main bar, such as in the mechs in Storm Breaker Protocol) go somewhere else? The default main bar is bulky, onerous, and does not fit with a sleek UI setup. The problem is, with the advent of things like Storm Breaker Protocol, it is required. I am sick of changing my key-bindings and my layout every time I get that dungeon, as I use bar 2 for 1-5 and prefer to have the main bar disabled.

    Thank you.

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    I have the same issue, its not that big of a deal imo.

    I dont even bother to bind the keys for the mech, even though I hate clicking, it works well enough for the small amount of time Im in it.

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