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Thread: Fishing Tackle box Addon

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    Default Fishing Tackle box Addon

    I would like to see an addon for fishing. What it would do when show. Is check your inventory for any lures you have and have an Icon in the box for it. You then have an Icon for your pole that is in your inventory as well so that you can click on the lure you want and then apply it to your pole that you have. This way you don't have to keep looking for your pole and lures each time you sort your bags around and forget which bag you have them in. Also could have it show the current fish that you have in your bags by number so you can tell if you can make new lures from your recipes.

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    AND!! Aside from all the above wonderful ideas, I would like to see it show what your fishing skill is. That way I dont have to keep opening up the crafting window. >.>
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    Also.. right-click to bring up the fishing mark so you can place it?

    That way you don't need to have your rod out on your bars at all.

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    You could probably do most of this, by creating a custom Fishing page on PopupItems
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