Okay I misposted this on another thread. I also get this really isn't an API issue but since the basic parsing priciple is the same I figured this was where to post.

I have had ACT via Combatant renaming, set up to sorta track wards/absorbs via this method.

- Go to Rift plugin options, and have all all shield absorbs be credited to Unknown. (did this by unchecking "Credit victim for absorbs as heals)

- Go to ACT options, goto "combatant renaming" under "Data Correction".

- Have "Unkown" be changed to something that couldnt possibly be a combatant (I use "WARD").

- Make a clipboard preset for dps, and a seperate one for hps. Make sure that you include non-allies on the hps one (since not all allies will be healing, the few mobs that will appear on it won't be pusing other healers off your Rift textlimit) or it won't include the shields.

Now today I am doing the Death event in Ember Isle. Deathly tendrils, NOT an unknown ability, shows up under WARD.

So any ideas? Is it my method? Is it issue in the log? ACT just doesn't like what I did? No one likes me?