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Thread: KBM: Options - Changes.

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    Default KBM: Options - Changes.

    Hi all,

    Due to the amount of changes to the API and the amount of learning I've done since starting KBM back when the API was brand spanking new - KBM: Options is being ripped out and rewritten from the ground up.

    The new incarnation will be in the form of an open-source library. The penciled in name will be Safe's Option Library (SOLib). This library will work on the same caching system used for textures in the current KBM Options system. The major change however, is that the new library will be Event and Command driven and accessible to anyone. It will also no longer use the Global Name-space.

    For any authors using the Library, all textures and objects will share the same texture cache, therefor hopefully reducing the footprint of Add-Ons in general. Objects will never be shared, these remain persistent to each addon and can be created via Object UIDs under each Add-On ID.

    There will be an Example.lua template file included in the library zip, once I have a prototype up and running. This will be a simple start file you can use which will correctly register your addon with SOLib.

    This is early days, and just a notification that I may go quiet on the KBM front for a week or so while I get the base framework in order. KBM 1.2.5 should be stable, and contain enough tools to see players through while I work on this, but once finished KBM will adopt the library and start using it and I can then finally add the new features and customization levels I've been meaning to add for several months now.
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