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Thread: Important - LibUnitChange Issue May Break Addons

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    Default Important - LibUnitChange Issue May Break Addons

    For info, as found by Thorarin in the 'Example Addons' thread, there is an updated version of Trion's LibUnitChange available which unfortunately has a bug in it.

    Because of the way libraries work, if you have any addon installed which uses this updated library, it will also break any other addon that also relies on LibUnitChange (lots of addons do).

    If you find that things like Gadgets Unit Frames or nkThings (two addons that I know are affected) stop working when targeting things, please check which addons you have recently updated and consider rolling them back to an earlier version, until Zorba is able to release a fixed version of the library.


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    Gadgets: Unit Frames and Other Stuff for RIFT

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    Myself and Kekoas came across this issue the other night when a person in my guild began having some crazy issues with her addons. At first we both (honestly) thought it was a bad addon install causing the addon to have some sort of issue. However on further inspection on Kekoas's part, it appears to be a much wider issue.

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