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Thread: Learning LUA

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    Default Learning LUA

    Hey gang, I've been toying with the idea of having a bash at Rift modding but I'm having trouble finding a good source of LUA tutorials. I've tried all the normal places I'd go to, 3DBuzz, New Boston etc and they all have C# C++ etc but no LUA.
    Can anyone point me at a good site, or failing that, a good book please?

    Thank you kindly

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    That's likely your best place to go.

    Lua is a very open language with very little defined structure, as such it can be a bit abstract to learn.

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    Buy the book World of Warcraft Programming, Second Edition, by James Whitehead II and Rick Roe. No, seriously, the book is amazing, covers the basics and a lot of the advanced techniques, and most of the book will work with any form of Lua.

    The WoW-specific stuff can easily be converted to Rift using the official Rift API docs Zorba has so kindly posted on these forums.

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