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Thread: [Addon] Gadget: SS Tracker (sheep/shambler tracker)

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    Default [Addon] Gadget: SS Tracker (sheep/shambler tracker)

    This addon tracks players who are sheeped or shambled in raid/party and notify you who did it

    theres an option to turn it on or off ("/sst on","/sst off")

    This is a beta release

    download or on Curse

    Curse will be available as soon as it is accepted

    This addon requires Gadget as it uses the WT.Units variable to make the addon as fast as possible without having to look something up manualy.

    The reason for this addon is when raiding and players are sheeping/shamble'ing persons it can make the raid "wipe" and it was annoying so i made this addon to see who did it to punish them in dkp

    screenshot - http://i45.tinypic.com/qxrspe.jpg (text in chat)

    Find any bugs/performance issue please let me know thanks :-)
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