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Thread: [ADDON] EventLookup

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    Default [ADDON] EventLookup

    It can be downloaded on RiftUI.

    EventLookup is a small search tool for zone events and related achievements.

    Currently if an event starts, you get a notification in the chat (The event 'EventXYZ' has started in 'ZoneXYZ'). However, if you click on the notification, you only see the description for the event, but not if there is an achievement for the event which you might still need.

    EventLookup was written to bridge the gap between the zone event name and the related achievement. For this purpose, the addon provides a single slash command (/elt). For example, if you see the notification above, you can type

    /elt eventxyz

    and the addon will display all zone events it finds with the term eventxyz in the event name, along with the information if you have completed the related achievement. Note that it is enough to type part of the full name!

    Typing /elt without arguments prints a short usage instruction. Right now you can use the following parameters:
    -m (events with missing achievement)
    -p <plane> (events of a specific planar type, for example Life, Death, Fire, ..)
    -z <zone> (events in a certain zone, for example Droughtlands)
    <searchText> (a search text that can be part of the event name, the boss name of the event, or the related achievement).

    /elt -m fire
    => show events which have the term "fire" in their name (or the event's boss name, or the event's achievement name) for which you don't have the achievement completed.

    /elt -z drought
    => show events for zones which have the term "drought" in their name (so, this will be only droughtlands).

    /elt -p air
    => show air related zone events

    NOTE: The addon currently only works in the english client. Localisation is prepared, but I need players with clients in the other languages who can provide me translations for the event and boss names.

    Any comments, critic and suggestions for improvement are welcome. If you want to contribute: the addon's database is currently quite small (based on a list I found floating around on this forum). It is most definitely incomplete at this time. So if you know of any zone events (and the related achievement, name is fine) which are not found by ELT, then please let me know. Also if you can provide translations in other languages, I would be glad to include them.

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    Update 0.9:
    - added a missing event name
    - localisation for german and french clients updated (still don't have localized event names tho

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