I am currently using Wire's OCD to track, as a chloro, my raid's Wild Growth, Battle Rez, Natural Conversion rotations. However, it is just not up to the task of the amount of organization that I'd like it to perform. Wire's OCD currently adds random rotations that I don't want to see as well. I see flaring power and various others just pop up when I don't want them to. I see -no other addons- that do what OCD does and since last I read Wire's Addons weren't being updated anymore, we could use another on the market.

I would like an addon that allows me to set up my Wild Growth rotation in the order in which I choose it to be in raid. This can be done quite simply by allowing me to move the individual CDs around without them resetting (As it stands right now OCD resets them in the alphabetic order starting with "A" being the top one.)

I, then would like to seperate my Natural Conversion rotation from my Wild Growth rotation, with an obvious visual distinction between the 2 rotations, with the same ability to modify as above.

Along with the ability to organize my rotations better I would like the bars to be semi-transparent.