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Thread: How do I save Karuul Alert Sets

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    Default How do I save Karuul Alert Sets

    Ok, so I want to completely uninstall Karuul Alert and try reinstalling to see if it corrects the problems I am currently having. however I do NOT want to go thru the entire remaking of the Icons that I have, so please tell me if I have done something wrong in the following steps or just let me know if it looks correct so I can actually uninstall it (I am asking because neither have I done this before, nor am I tech savvy.)

    1. Export Set, Highlight all, Ctrl - C
    2. Microsoft Word, Ctrl- V, Save

    --After I uninstall and reinstall--
    1. Microsoft Word, Highlight all, Ctrl - C
    2. Import Set, Ctrl - V, hit Import

    Is that it?
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    Your answer is somewhere in here https://www.google.ca/search?q=karuu...ient=firefox-a
    Although you can save the saved variables file and restore it later.

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