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Thread: A notice on the nkAddons once 1.9 hits the servers

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    Default A notice on the nkAddons once 1.9 hits the servers

    EDIT: Ok guys having lunch can make a huge difference. The below might still be true in some occassions but hopefully not as constant as I was getting it on the PTS. See here fore more information about why the problem occurs => Click me.

    Aparat from that I was very pissed when writing the below as I had spent an enormous amount of time on nkThings the last two weeks and another couple of hours today just to hunt down the problem described below. This lead to a number of changes to my lib nkGenie which in the end will be of benefit for all. As the below might still be valid for some people and circumstances and as I'm not around the coming days, I'll let the post stay here.

    Hopefully the issue is not a grave as it looked to me on the PTS.



    Today I spent more than 5 hours to test the addons on the PTS. While most things work fine some small updates were needed, so I'll post new versions of all my addons later today.

    However there's one new feature coming with 1.9 which is a major PITA for most of my addons. The addon API has new limits how much CPU time an addon can consume at once and will warn you if the time is exceeded (with a nice ingame popup dialog).

    So as soon as patch 1.9 hits the servers be prepared to get to get a lot of warnings if you use nkAdvisor and it's modules or the configuration panes of my other addons.

    In order to build the user interfaces of my addons I needed to build a lot of custom widgets. All of my addons rely on the same library to build UI elements. Until patch 1.9 whoever used my addons knows this worked perfectly. Now on the PTS I'm experiencing a lot of these new kind of warnings. I tried everything I could to squeeze out a bit more performance but I failed.

    One could say that my library is at fault and it could be done differently or more effeciently. Might be but the time which went into that library is going into weeks not hours. I'm not going to chance that core approach as it would take very, very long to change now. Also it worked fine so far.

    One could say that I could have tested earlier on the PTS. Might be but I already put way too much time into my addons. The nkThings update version 2.0 has taken most of my two week vacation already ...

    So this is just a warning. The addons will work, you'll just get a warning popup once in a while saying my addons are working too slow. They are not. They are working exactely as pre 1.9. Just the definition of 'slow' has changed ...

    As I'm not around until next week and will not have much time you cannot expect any solution to this even if Trion offers one in the API at some point in the upcoming days.

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    Seeing the same issue with some of the configuration screens for myUI. There's just a lot of controls that need to be created.

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