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Thread: Event.Ability.Range.True weirdness (?)

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    Default Event.Ability.Range.True weirdness (?)

    I'm finding that Event.Ability.Range.True consistently fires at about 5 meters out of range, instead of firing when the action slot on the hotbar lights up and the tested ability is actually usable, at least in one test case. For example, the spell I was using to test this is the warden spell Waterjet, which Inspect.Ability.Detail reports has a max range of 30 meters (consistent with the tooltip and in-game behavior). But I receive Event.Ability.Range.True for Waterjet at about 35 meters between my character and the target.

    (Event.Ability.Range.False seems to work perfectly, but also reports loss of line of sight as well as target out of range, I noticed.)

    I'm not sure if the fact I'm working on this using a healing cleric, who has some 35 meter healing spells, is causing a false positive starting from about 35 meters for Waterjet(?). Or, perhaps I don't understand what Event.Ability.Range.True is meant to do. The wiki does not document this event, but it's doing something that almost looks right. Does anybody have better insight into what is happening with Event.Ability.Range.True? (Ideally I am looking for an event that fairly closely matches with the action bar slots indicating in range vs. out of range.) Thanks.

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    It is important to note:

    Radius counts.

    If you and your target both have a radius of 1 meter, then you are in-range when your centers are 32 meters apart.
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    Whilst I agree that the radius of the units is the likely answer, this seems like an API bug:

    The radius of units makes complete sense when calculating from coordinates. This however is an event that is fired when an 'ability' is in range (and one would suppose, is ready to be used as far as 'range' is concerned). I'd argue that this event should only fire if the ability 'is' in range.
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