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Thread: [Addon] BananAH - Auction House Addon

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    Default [Addon] BananAH - Auction House Addon

    BananAH 0.3.0

    Auction house addon for RIFT

    Work in progress

    Posting features:
    • Auto splitting of item stacks
    • Auto posting
    • Undercut on right click
    • Posting queue management
    Own auctions tracking features:
    • Tracks all your characters' auctions
    • Shows competition for your auctions
    • Fast auction cancel
    Use /bah or /bananah to show the window.

    Website: http://www.bananah.net

    Download from RiftUI, Curse or CurseForge

    We've finally completed the beta stage for this addon. There's still a lot of functionality missing, but the addon has become a valuable tool for players that like to play the Auction House.

    More features will come soon!

    Special thanks to the team behind the addon for their support, and to all the players that have sent us their feedback and ideas to improve the addon.

    Changelog from Beta 0.2.2:

    - Updated to Rift 1.8

    - Background scanner changes:
    + Scanning speed improved
    + The background scanner can be temporarily disabled now
    + Expiration times are estimated more accurately

    - Post Tab changes:
    + Added extra info on the auction being posted
    + Added new pricing models & price matchers
    + Added score column that compares auction prices with the reference prices
    + Auctions are color coded by score

    - New Auctions Tab:
    + Keeps track of all your characters' auctions
    + Shows competition for your posted auctions
    + The auction list is filterable to help you locate your auctions without having to scroll hundreds of pages
    + Faster auction cancelling functionality than the native AH window

    - Other minor changes & features:
    + Added option to close the addon window when the native auction window is closed
    + Added status bar: Scan results & error messages are shown in the status bar now, instead of being dumped to the chat
    + The 'Hide item' filter has been improved: Now you can also hide items only for some characters
    + Items shown in the Post tab can be filtered by rarity now
    + The 'Post' button now has a 0.5 cooldown to prevent accidental posting
    + Posting & Autoposting configs are saved per character now
    + The "Buy < Vendor" warning now takes into account the 5% auction house fee
    + The Posting queue now displays the number of tasks queued
    + Expiration times are shown as time remaining now
    + New option to select the order in which the price matchers are applied
    + Undercutting and other features consider auctions posted by your other characters as own

    - Fixed a lot of bugs

    - Documentation is no longer included in the addon package. Check our website instead: http://www.bananah.net
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    Full scans crash the game 100% of the time now with the latest update. :-(

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