I Run alot of pugs on my shard and I would LOVE to have an addon that had the capabilities to keep track of who is in your groups like the "Attend" addon does BUT also keep a record in like a table sort of view or something of everyone on the shard that has been in a group with you (Have the option to disable/enable of course) And How many times they have grouped with you and a space so that you can write a note about each person.

For instance say player x has been in 10 pugs of mine so it would show his name and the number of times he has grouped with me and a note about him. And have a list of people like this..

Just something like this So It would be easier to keep track off ppl you group with alot instead of adding 100's of ppl to your friends list and having to click each persons name to read the note you entered about them..