Don't suppose there's a way to 'track' onslaught or sourcewell invasions?

When you enter one of the sourcewell invasion dailies, it'll pop up or add the 'Defend at sourcewell 1/20' to your quest tracker and when you leave it'll remove it. Or if not, another window that will do the same.

I run around EI quite a bit. Rare hunting or just IA. I know where all the defend spots are and sometimes if it's close to finishing I'll hang around. It'll be easier then to open the quest log, add the quest to see the current progress and if I don't finish it then remove it so it doesn't clutter my quest log tracker.

It'll be even better if after entering an area and you don't have the quest yet, it will tell you. So when you enter, it'll just say 'Defend Abundant Wilds Missing' or N/A. I doubt it'll be smart enough to know if it's missing because you already completed that day's quest or just because you haven't picked it up yet.