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Thread: Texture Loading Efficiency

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    Default Texture Loading Efficiency

    While working on my addon, I noticed something unexpected.

    If you create a Texture frame, edit the associated image file, then create another Texture frame referring to the same file, the second frame will display the updated image.

    This leads me to believe that every texture frame loads it's own copy of the texture file (allocating a texture surface in memory), rather than reusing textures that are already loaded.

    If this is right, I'm going to have to re-think the way I do some things in Gadgets. My biggest worry is the circular sweep animation for buffs, as I use a sprite map of 100 individual tiles on a large texture. If RIFT is loading a separate copy of this texture for every single buff on the screen, I'll probably have to ditch the functionality

    Gadgets: Unit Frames and Other Stuff for RIFT

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    My experience points to the same conclusion.

    In my case I use a lot of repetitions of the coin texture set (3 textures). Though they're small and each one only takes 3 ms to load, creating more than 100 at once produces a noticeable freeze when they're loaded the first time.

    It would be useful to have an option to share the same texture file for multiple texture frames.

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    Noticed the same in IB.
    When loading external textures (i.e. not "Rift" files) they get re-loaded all the time. But Rift textures seem to get cached. Loading the item button texture of 150 buttons caused a freeze of about 1 second whenever the inventory changed. Took quite some time to figure out it was the texture loading and not my sorting algorithm causing the freeze.

    And now that you found out textures aren't pooled it makes me worry about the video memory footprint that addons might cause.

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