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Thread: Request: Gatherer like Map Addon

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    Default Request: Gatherer like Map Addon

    Would this even be possible?
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    In theory, maybe. We have access to the world map and mini map frames, but I'm not sure if it is only to retrieve frame parameters like size, location, etc. We *might* be able to set points on them, but I don't think anyone has tried so far. Further, while we can get zone names and locations for players, I am not certain we can query what zone the map is displaying. What I mean by that, by way of impact, is if a GatherMate or Gatherer type addon is possible, it would probably be an all or nothing endeavor; it would populate all the supported node and not allow filtering by zone.

    The idea might be worth checking into and seeing what's what.

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    As far as I know we aren't able to get the current size & position displayed in the native map, so the approach to display a frame over the native map wouldn't work.

    We still have two options for a gatherer-type addon:

    1) Create our own map frame

    We'd need the image(s) of the full world map, better if they were at the different zoom levels shown by the native map. We could emulate most of the native map functionality, except the ability to create and share waypoints (though those you set or receive through the native window can be shown).

    2) Create a hud navigator

    There's an addon that does something like this.

    The problem with hud navigator right now is that we don't have access to the camera heading (I could be wrong with this one), so hud navigators need to have fixed coords (usually, north at top), which I find unintuitive: I'd prefer the whole world to rotate around me when I move my camera.

    On another note, this would be like the older versions of Gatherer (before Wowhead shared GathererDB), where you had to slowly build your own database of coordinates by yourself (or with your party/guild). The ZAM site has already collected this info, though I don't know if they're willing to share it.
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