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    Im wondering if there is an add-on like click from wow in this game. If your not sure what that is, u can basically mouseover frames and use your mouse to cast your healing spells. Ive got a razer naga mouse with about a hundred buttons on it and i love to be able to use them for mouseover healing. Click was so easy to use too, u just needed to open the interface and click on your healing spell with whatever mouse button u wanted to use.
    You could even use your left and right mouse buttons if u wanted to.
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    Actually that is already built into the system. If you create a macro that does something like the following (for a mage):

    cast @mouseover Bloom

    That will cast Bloom on your mouseover target in the raid frames. If you are not mousing over a raid/party frame, then it will cast it on your target. If you are not targetting anyone, then it will self-cast it. I have almost all of my macro slots filled up with loads of these types of macros as a cleric, and I love it! I am pretty sure there are some addons already out there that do similar things, but I am content with the original mouseover functionality.

    Have fun!


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