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Thread: Data file image icon names

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    Default Data file image icon names

    Pardon for the utter ignorance- I went on the FTP site and tried to grab the data files. Tried opening the item.xml but it's too big for Notepad++. All I'm looking for is the name of the Infernal Mark of Ascension icon, like greater etc. Does anyone know what that is? Gmoa is card30a.dds, moa is card30c.dds. Anyone know what imoa is? Or at least where I can find it out for myself?

    EDIT Disregard- I found this http://wiki.riftui.com/Author_resources
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    I had similar problem when I tried to look up fishing poles item IDs. I tried several large file viewers, but search times weren't good. So I wrote a Lua script for stripping discovery data from discovery files, leaving only item/npc/etc data: http://pastebin.com/YrHUEykM
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