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Thread: Requesting app

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    Default Requesting app

    if any one can create something along the lines for tellmewhen for rift i would love you for ever. would help with micro managing dots and procs. if not then ignore thread, its fine. It's just a favorite addon of mine from wow days.

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    What's it do?
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    it looks like a WOW add on I just copied from their web page.

    TellMeWhen provides visual, auditory, and textual notifications about cooldowns, buffs, and pretty much every other element of combat. TellMeWhen is...

    Icons can track any of the following things:

    Reactive abilities
    Multi-state abilities
    Temporary weapon enchants
    Totems/Wild mushrooms/Ghouls/Lightwell
    Rune cooldowns
    Internal cooldowns
    Others' cooldowns
    Diminishing returns
    Spell casts
    ...And any combination of over 110 other things with easy-to-use conditions.


    Icons can be set to show or hide based on the status of their basic element and their usability based on range, duration, stacks, and resources.
    All icons can show the standard cooldown animation to display their status, and are compatible with OmniCC.
    There are over 110 conditions that can be configured to make an icon show only under very specific or very general circumstances.
    You can set a sound to play when important attributes of an icon change.
    You can also set text to be announced/displayed when an icon's attributes change.
    Icons can show at different transparency levels based upon the usability/existence of what they are checking.
    Icons can show status bars on top of them, indicating the required resources and their remaining cooldown/duration in a different way.
    Icons can be skinned with Masque (formerly ButtonFacade).


    A druid could display an icon when a clearcasting buff procs (link)
    A mage could display an icon when Arcane Blast has sufficient mana to be cast and is in range of the target (link), and have a Polymorph icon appear when the mob they've set to focus becomes unsheeped (link)
    A death knight could have icons appear to show when Freezing Fog procs (link), when Rune Strike is usable (link), and when Horn of Winter drops and needs to be refreshed (link)
    A rogue could monitor their own stack of Deadly Poison on a mob (link), and have icons appear when they need to reapply poisons to their weapons (link)
    An elemental shaman could set an icon to show when they have more than 6 stacks of Lightning Shield (link)
    A retribution paladin could show an icon for Templar's verdict when they have 3 holy power (link)
    A hunter could show icon to help facilitate aspect swapping (link), and an icon for mend pet when their pet's health is below 50% (link)
    A balance druid could show an icon when they are out of combat and one of their mushrooms is not placed (link)
    A priest could set an icon to monitor all of their chakra states in one icon (link), or set an icon to watch the cooldown of Rapture (link)

    While these examples may help you get started, the best way to use TellMeWhen is to use your imagination! The possibilities are virtually limitless, so download TellMeWhen now and see what it can do for you!

    For more examples, visit the TellMeWhen examples forum.
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