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Thread: Some brainstorming on unit frames and secure modes

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    Default Some brainstorming on unit frames and secure modes

    While working a bit on a unit frame addon I came to the point that I wanted to achieve 'click frame to target' functionality for target's target and focus frames. Before making a suggestion to Zorba I wanted to hear about other people's thought on this especially in terms of misusing this concept.

    So first the problem

    So if you're going to implement unit frames covering all of the default unit frames you end up building them for target plus target's target and focus and focus' target. Obviously these are very likely to change in combat so using macros to achieve 'click to target' functionality is not possible as far as I could find out.

    Target frame is not important and the focus frame is somewhat achieveable while out of combat. But I found no way to get the focus' target and target's target to work. Your target can change during combat a lot and target's and focus' target as well. So using any fixed macros specified out of combat and not being able to change in combat is not going to work.

    On top of that in order to still be able to dynamically hide the frames during combat (which obviously is needed for focus' target and target's target) I'd need to place the macro functionality in a separate frame on top of the 'info frame'. Again that would mean that the area were the macro frame is would not be click through if no focu's target or target's target is selected and displayed.

    Now for my suggestion

    To overcome these deficits I came up with an addition to the secure system model by introducing new secure modes with some automated 'click to target' functionality:


    These modes would allow for hiding the frame even in secure mode (and therefore making it click-through while hidden) but would add their own 'left click' event which would replicate the behaviour of the default unit frames handling target's target and focus and focus' target. This way clicking these secured frames would do nothing other than what would happen if the player clicked the game's default unit frames. The whole change of target would be handled by the API system itself and addon authors would not be able to change it.

    What do you guys think about this. Is there any way to abuse a system like this?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Naifu View Post
    So using any fixed macros specified out of combat and not being able to change in combat is not going to work.
    Those don't work in "addon macros"? (tested them as command lines and it works fine)
    - target @focus
    - target @focustarget
    - target @targettarget

    If not good point for the rest, some way of specifying that our frame is some unit frame and let the game apply at least the left-click functionnality would be ideal. if only become some of those options can't be done via the API, and it would save everyone a lot of work to just use the ingame left click menu rather than having to get it created from scratch.

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    The first issue isn't really an issue. Targeting macros work just fine for pretty much any unit you will ever display in a unit frame. The actual unit may change, but it'll still be 'target', 'target.target', etc. and thus no need to change them during combat. The only reason you'd need to change those during combat was to automate frame placement or targeting which is what the secure frames are designed to prevent.

    I agree completely about the second issue. Your invisible, secure "click-catcher" still gets the mouse events even if the unit isn't available. Not knowing how the source is implemented, I'd think a relatively clean way to handle that is if a secure frame has it's mouseover unit set, it should pass-thru mouse events if that unit is unavailable.

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