ello guys/gals

ok so my idea is to be able to lock a items such as a main hand weapon to a certain slot in ya bags

this would result in every time un-equip the item it returns to the same place in you bags

so i guess ppl will say who cares why bother and so on

well for instance i keep all my gear in bag 4 and all my trash items get put into bag one until i sell them, i have many roles that require different gear setup such as tank/dps

when im a tank i use a main hand and a shield when im dps i use a 2 handed wepon, when changing weapons form 1 to 2 weps they get placed in bag 1

this has cause me to almost sell them when clearing out trash from my bags once or twice

the other good reason for this is it would be eaiser to find items in ur bags as they will always be in the same place

someone said in my other post in pts section that this may be able to be done with a addon so hence the request