I've been dual-boxing a bit for the lulz, and it's actually pretty fun. But gosh, are there a bunch of things that can go wrong that are hard to notice while trying to do everything at once.

So, some thoughts.

1. Is it safe/reasonable to assume that multiboxing characters will always share a guild?
2. How stable are multiboxing teams? Do people tend to group one character with more than one other character?
3. What are some things that go wrong which you think could be detected by an addon?

As of 1.8, we'll have messaging and coordinates, so at a bare minumum, we could have a small frame showing relative positioning, distance alerts, things like that. I don't see any way to affect or interact with /follow; we can't control it or detect it. It might be possible to make a warning for "I've been moving but X hasn't been for a second".

It seems like it should be easy to have cooldowns and cast bars, and warnings about missing buffs. A big part of the goal here is simply to let you have one character's display show this for everybody in some way.

Currently leaning towards the name "ThirdPersonOmniscient", although it'd probably be abbreviated.