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Thread: How to tell if a player is in your shard or not?

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    Default How to tell if a player is in your shard or not?

    Inspect.Shard().name <---- returns the players shard

    any way to do this for another player, say player.target? i'd like to identify when someone is in a cross shard LFD group or a warfront and is trying to vote on someone else who is in another shard. I don't want name conflicts with Bob@keenblade if jimmy decides to give a vote to Bob@seastone.

    or does the @shardname become become part of the players name whenever they are in a cross shard instance or warfront?

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    In a WF,

    /script dump(Inspect.Detail.Unit("player.target"))

    Shows that the name field is charname@shardname
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