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Thread: RiftTextfield: What would make this better?

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    Default RiftTextfield: What would make this better?

    Okay, the RiftTextfield is in a sort of dysfunctional shape in a few ways.

    Here's my sort of wishlist for it:

    :SetFontSize, :SetFontColor, :SetFont
    Pretty obvious.

    This turns out to be insanely hard, if not impossible, to implement by hand.

    :GetTextWidth, :GetTextHeight
    RiftTextField frames don't autoresize. That's fine, but it'd sure be nice to have a way to find out how big the text is without spamming updates to a hidden frame.

    Now on to the fancy stuff. It would be really nice to be able to turn tabs and newlines on and off. It makes sense to ignore them by default, but the way it's implemented is a bit odd -- the typing hooks do weird things, like deleting selected text in some cases when you type them -- so we end up with idioms like "insert a tab followed by a space, and SetSelection to the space".

    It appears that KeyDown, KeyType, etc. are all happening BEFORE the API has gotten to actually processing an event -- but they don't prevent the event from occurring afterwards, so you have to plan for what it will do.

    Proposed solution:
    1. Key* event hooks should be able to indicate that the event has been fully processed and that the UI should stop now. Maybe by returning a value.
    2. Maybe a new :SetBehavior() which takes options like 'default', 'multiline', etc., which change specific behaviors.

    Obviously, this is bigger than we're likely to see by 1.8.

    Of this, the only one that's really a problem is the wordwrap. I can't find a way to work around that.
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    KeyFocusGain works in a weird way too. If you change cursor & position inside its handler, it sometimes doesn't work.

    Two more API calls for the wishlist:

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