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Thread: How expensive is Inspect.Unit.Lookup?

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    Default How expensive is Inspect.Unit.Lookup?

    Question for Zorba I think...

    How expensive is a call to Inspect.Unit.Lookup?

    I know that Inspect.Unit.Detail is an expensive call (as an experiment I called it 5000 times in a row once per frame, and the effect was fairly extreme ), but should calls to .Lookup be carefully managed as well?

    The reason for the question is that I was considering maintaining a mapping of UnitSpec -> UnitId to improve efficiency, but if .Lookup is already really fast, it would probably have the opposite effect, just adding another layer to go through.


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    Was thinking exactly the same question a few days ago. Was thinking about putting together a test harness to get some stats on all the API calls under different circumstances.
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    It's only expensive relative to your CPU. That's why it's hard to tell.

    The easiest way to find out is to run a benchmark, simply inspect the time, do 100 (or whatever) lookup queries, and then inspect the time again, subtract starting off final time and there you go.
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