The name is from the Unix convention that a program called foo uses a file called .foorc at startup.

RiftRC is an addon that provides maintenance of snippets of Lua code. Of particular interest, each snippet can be marked to be run automatically on login. You can have lots of snippets. And, on PTS or in 1.8, you can send snippets to other users who have RiftRC. (DO NOT USE THIS FEATURE.) There's whitelisting and such, and you have to turn it on, but it's really handy for dual-boxing development.

Editor has limited autoindenting, which might improve later, and live syntax checking of your snippets. A value returned from a snippet is displayed in another box, and there's an option to update that box live. (Only really useful when the value is a table which gets modified.)

Note that this is the first attempt to use my LibItemList (for the list of snippets) and LibScrollyTextThing (for the two text windows); I plan to eventually clean those up and make them available separately.