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Thread: Question re: Rift Healer

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    Default Question re: Rift Healer

    I downloaded this add on last week from curse and set it up. It seemed to work very well and a nice change from all my mouseover macros.

    HOWEVER, I cannot save any configurations! Each time I log in, everything needs to be set up all over again. This has sorta made me give up on it...

    Anyone have this issue? Know fixes?

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    Well, if addon is not broken, then it sounds like you have operating system with overly paranoid security control, which does not let Rift write to files in its saved variables folder. Try running the game as administrator (right click - run as administrator).
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    Rift Healer addon is kind of broken but not on the saving settings part... Like the previous person said... it sounds like you either installed it incorrectly or you don't have privileges to save settings.

    One more thing I'd advise for you to use the updated version here: http://www.riftui.com/downloads/info213-RiftHbot.html
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