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Thread: Question about the UI

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    Default Question about the UI


    For some time I was wondering how far is the addon development in regards to reskinning the UI ?
    Always loved a minimalistic look and allthough you can force it with what Rift gives us for now ... the graphic parts of for example the map and other bars still bother me to make my UI minimalistic.

    Thank you

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    We can currently recreate a lot of the UI functionality with our own custom UI - but we do not have all the functionality necessary to completely replace the current. For example, a lot of the right click menu commands are not available to us as of yet.

    Also, as far as I am aware, there is no functionality to let our addons hide, modify, or in any way control the default UI.

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    While we cannot hide the UI, you can. So that is not a problem, though it is a lot of work.
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