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Thread: [Addon] Quick Cooldowns

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    Default [Addon] Quick Cooldowns

    I have been working on Quick Cooldowns for 5 days now, and have just released the first beta version.

    About Quick Cooldowns:
    Quick Cooldowns makes it easy to show the cooldown of any ability on top of anything on your UI - even on top of your action bars.

    Quick Cooldowns is easy to configure.
    To access the configuration screen, simply type /quickcd.
    As you can see in the example image, you can add/delete 'alerts'(cooldown numbers) easily. You can modify the ability name, the size of the numbers, and the color of the numbers.

    Note: Because of RIFT's current API limitations, Quick Cooldowns can not currently detect the abilities on your action bars, nor can it automatically place the numbers on top of your action bars. These have to be set manually by you - but Quick Cooldowns makes this a painless process.

    You can then use the Move button to easily click and drag where you want the numbers to show up. Do note that, by default, the numbers will pop up in the top left of your screen.
    Just click and drag to move the numbers.
    When you are done placing it, you can either click the Move button again or right click the numbers. Do note that you still need to save it. (You can also press the Save button to automatically set and save the new position.)

    Quick Cooldowns supports multiple roles. When you change roles, the alerts will automatically change to your different role's set of alerts. (Thankfully, this addon won't have to be updated just to implement support for any new roles that may come out.)
    Alerts are saved character-wide.

    Remember: You need to set your global cooldown.
    This is easy to do. Just open up the Quick Cooldowns configuration screen, and in the bottom right area, you will be able to choose 1.5s or 1.0s GCD from the drop down menu. (1.5s is default.) Once you select it, it will automatically update for your whole character.
    Quick Cooldowns is very versatile. The cooldown numbers AKA alerts can be placed just about anywhere.
    I've created this addon with optimization in mind from start to finish. I've tested it with numerous alerts, abilities, and what-not, and the resource usage is very minimal and well managed.

    Download: http://www.riftui.com/downloads/file...hp?id=209#info
    It is currently in beta, and will be put on Curse once it is a bit more mature.

    I'm quite interested in hearing feedback, suggestions, complaints, bug reports, etc.
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