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Thread: To all add-on Developers- just have to throw this out there...

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    Default To all add-on Developers- just have to throw this out there...

    HUGE Thank you.

    I see tons of threads saying "x add-on sucks" "that's useless" "it doesn't work right", etc.
    As a player who is trying to learn lua so I could actually contribute to this section, I just wanna give a massive thank you to all of you.

    My RIFT experience is seriously improved because of the add-ons many players here develop, and I hope you continue your work- truly some gifted programmers out there, with amazing vision.

    You guys and gals rock!

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    One of the most flattering things I ever saw was an outraged post demanding that Trion not allow add-ons, because if there are addons then the game is so much better with them that it's horribly upsetting when lazy addon authors don't update for a patch.

    But this is a close second, and also it's lucid enough that I can take it seriously. Thanks!
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